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Top 10 Best Portable Foldable Photo Studio Box of 2020 Review

Top 10 Best Portable Foldable Photo Studio Box of 2020 Review

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    A portable foldable photo studio box is a device useful for taking professional pictures of small items like jewels, toys, and many others. They come with excellent lighting that provides proper illumination so you can take quality pictures. They are also easy to carry since they can fold in a much smaller size. This article consists of the top 10 best foldable photo studio boxes on the market. The majority of these boxes are compatible with other devices like smartphones in case you need it to take pictures using a phone. They come with multiple background colors for those who may need to acquire different effects on the image backgrounds.

    List of the Best Portable Foldable Photo Studio Box of 2020:

    10. Elegant Choise Portable Photo Studio Box

    Elegant Choise Photo Box 9.8' x 9.3' Portable Photo Shooting Tent Folding Light Box Photography with...Check Price

    You can achieve as many background colors as you want with this studio box because it has six different colors to choose from. Changing the color effects is easy since all you go to do is fit it on the top of the slot. The multiple opening on the box provides different shooting angles. It is super light in weight for convenience when transporting to different shoot locations. It comes with USB, so you can connect it to a power bank to charge.

    9. EMART Photography Portable Photo Studio

    Emart 14' x 16' Photography Table Top Light Box 52 LED Portable Photo Studio Shooting TentCheck Price

    If you are looking for a pocket-friendly photo studio that you can travel with, EMART is one of the best photo studio boxes to buy. It is super light in weight to ensure convenience when setting up and when carrying as well. It has four different colors so you can create different photo background effects. The top table has LED lights to ensure continued illumination even when working at night. The top has a handle for holding when carrying the photo studio box.

    8. TravorPhotot Studio Light Box Studio

    Travor Photo Box 16'/40cm Photo Studio Light Box Portable Photography Shooting Tent with Movable LED...Check Price

    Achieve the perfect shots with this studio box since it provides great different background colors. It comes with a top table tent to offer a good shade when taking the pictures. It has LED lights that dimmable to different levels depending on the areas you use it or the kind of pictures you want to take. The box can open in four different ways if you wish to take the pictures from different angles. The box has an inner fabric that reduces shadow refection for taking pictures with a camera or even a phone.

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    7. Anzdeal 12 Inch Photo Studio Box

    Amzdeal 12in Photo Studio Box Foldable Photo Light Box Professional Photo Booth Box with LED Light 4...Check Price

    This studio box does not take much storage space since it folds flat to minimize the required storage. This also makes it easy to pack the box when traveling. It has a total of four different colors so you can create different photo backgrounds. The 30 different LED bead lights provide excellent illumination so you can capture high-quality images. Setting up the studio box takes little time because the sides come attached with velcro for smooth joining.

    6. PULUZ Mini Photo Studio Box

    Mini Photo Studio Box, PULUZ 20cm Portable Photography Shooting Light Tent Kit, White Folding...Check Price

    This studio box has an inbuilt light that provides excellent illumination so you can capture professional studio pictures. It is light in weight for easy setup and transport. The box can open in four different sections so you can take shots from four different positions. It is flexible since you can use other devices such as phones to take pictures and still get quality images. It comes with a USB cable to plug on a power bank or power socket in case it runs out of charge.

    5. DUCLUS Mini Photo Studio Box

    DUCLUS Mini Photo Studio Light Box,Photo Shooting Tent kit,Portable Folding Photography Light Tent...Check Price

    If you need a simple and small-sized studio box for your photography work, then this model is a great choice. The integrated light on the box gives perfect illumination so you can make great photo shoot sessions. You can take pictures from multiple angles using the front and horizontal shooting windows. Using it is easy, as all you got to do is set up connect to power and start to capture the pictures. It is ideal for small shoots like plants, jewels and toys, among others.

    4. SAMTIAN Photo Light Studio Photo Box

    Photo Box, SAMTIAN Photo Light Box 32x32x32 Inches 126 LED Light Photo Studio Shooting Tent...Check Price

    This box has four different background colors to choose from when shooting images. It has LED light beads that provide the required light to get quality images. Note that the light is dimmable to create a good balance on the camera. The top area has a tent featuring a reflective fabric that provides good illumination while minimizing the shadow impact. The middle and the front window provide space so you can achieve multiple shooting angles.

    3. Amzdeal 20in Foldable Studio Box

    amzdeal Photo Studio Box 3000K-6500K Adjustable Color Temperature 20in Dimmable Photography Shooting...Check Price

    This is a compact studio box that folds to a reasonable size for easy carrying around. The box has great LED light beads that are dimmable for excellent illumination. The box provides four different shooting angles when capturing the smallest images. The four different background colors and the diffuser provides excellent photos with a steady light. It comes with a bag for easy carrying and packing for storage purposes.

    2. ESDDI Photo Studio LightBox

    ESDDI Photo Studio Light Box 24'/60cm Adjustable Brightness Portable Folding Hook & Loop...Check Price

    If you are a professional photographer, then this studio box will suit your small shoots. It has four different background colors to use and has 156 brightness LED lamp beads to ensure you get the perfect lighting when taking pictures. It is super light and has a hoop and loop for easy carrying around. The installation of this box studio takes little time as it is fitted with velcro. So, all you need to do is to fasten it. The box allows flexibility if you want to take photos from different angles because the reflective fabric provides good light reflection while reducing shadow appearance on all sides. It is backed up with a one-year factory warranty.

    1. AmazonBasics Portable Foldable Photo Studio Box

    AmazonBasics Portable Foldable Photo Studio Box with LED Light - 25 x 30 x 25 InchesCheck Price

    This studio box is light and has a compact design for comfortable carrying around. It folds flat for easy packing in small cars. The top canvas has LED lamps to provide excellent light illumination for taking the best studio images. This also makes it easy to take pictures with other devices like smartphones. Note that this studio box comes with extra light to offer studio-like images through excellent highlights, contrast and shaping.


    These are the top best portable photo studio boxes for people involved in small commercial photo shoots. They are foldable for convenient packing when traveling or storing at home. Although these boxes feature small sizes, they have great features like good lighting to give you the best and high-quality studio photos. They are compatible to use with other devices like phones as well.


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