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Top 10 Best Wood Router of 2022 Review

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    A wood router is a handheld working tool used to route and makes different designed cuts on wood materials. Other than making cuts, the router is essential for grooving, making patterns in the woods, and many others. This article features the top 10 best wood routers on the market today. They feature ergonomic and lightweight form so you can be completely comfortable when working on different types of woods and for long hours. The varying speeds facilitate the excellent functionality of the tool even when cutting even the hardest woods.

    List of the Best Wood Router of 2022:

    10. DEWALT Fixed/ Plunge Router Table

    DEWALT Fixed/ Plunge Router Table

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    This table router has a powerful motor with wide speed variations from 80000 to 24000 amp. It has an adjustable ring so you can make deep cuts on chunks of wood. The tool has a dust collector that cleans up to 95 percent of the dust and debris produced when working. Changing the blade is quite accessible since there are no tools needed, and the base can be adjusted for smooth fitting.

    9. DEWALT Router Fixed Base

    DEWALT Router Fixed Base

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    Cutting through the thickest wood with this device is a walk in the park due to the powerful motor it has. The micro-fine ring allows the blade to acquire a deep cut of the wood up to 1/64 inch extra. Changing the bit, and the base is smooth since the motor Camlock on the motor releases pretty fast for fitting. The router has different working speeds so that you can work on both soft and hardwood materials.

    8. Bosch 1617EVV Wood Router Tool Kit

    Bosch 1617EVV Wood Router Tool Kit

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    This router is designed in small and lightweight design so you can work for long hours without getting too tired. It has a high functional speed ranging from 80000 to 25000 RPM. The router allows versatility when working on different kinds of wood and when making different designs on the wood. The base features coated aluminum material that provides stability and ensures the longevity of the tool. The router comes with a year warranty for quality assurance.

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    7. 11 AMP 2 HP Fixed base Woo Router

    11 AMP 2 HP Fixed base Woo Router

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    If you are looking for a professional router that you can travel with, then this is a great choice. The router comes packed in a bag for easy carrying around. It features a powerful and durable motor so you can work on different types of wood, including the hardwood. It has adjustable depth so you can achieve deep cuts of up to 1/64 inches. The router allows versatile as you can meet various cut designs, including; trimming, slot cutting, and edge forming. The motor is secured by an aluminum case to prevent debris and dirt from accessing it.

    6. Makita RT0701C Compact Router

    Makita RT0701C Compact Router

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    The slim and ergonomic design of this router provides comfort when working and does not require a large storage space in your toolbox. It has reliable working speeds ideal for cutting different wood material. The presence of the soft auto-start speed ensures you get a smooth and precise cut from the beginning. Changing the vase and adjusting the cut depth is steady since the cam lock releases fast.

    5. 6.5 Amp 1.25 P Compact Router

    6.5 Amp 1.25 P Compact Router

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    This is another excellent router for commercial work because it has different working speeds and five router bits for various functions. You can work on different wood materials ranging from soft to hardwood using varying speeds. The device has an LED light that provides illumination when working in areas with poor lighting. The hand has an ergonomic design and rubber fitting to provide a comfortable hold. The motor has aluminum cases to shield it from dust, and the base has a rubber seal to protect the working space from dust accumulation.

    4. DEWALT Fixed-Base Router

    DEWALT Fixed-Base Router

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    Operating this router is quite easy as it has one button for turning on and off. There are different speed variations so you can achieve smooth and accurate cuts on different wood materials. The motor provides a soft auto-start speed so you can make a smooth cut from the beginning. There are two LED lights for clear visibility when working in areas that are poorly lit. The ring is adjustable to different heights so you can achieve an excellent cut on thick woods.

    3. DEWALT 20V Cordless Router

    DEWALT 20V Cordless Router

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    This router offers flexibility since it is cordless. It is super light in weight for comfort when holding it for long hours. The available dual light offers proper illumination in case there is poor lighting on the area you are working from. The motor provides a soft start so you can adjust the router to get a useful and accurate cut from the start. The electronic brake slows the functioning of the motor when you turn the tool off.

    2. DEWALT Fixed/Plunged Router

    DEWALT Fixed/Plunged Router

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    Working on all wood material, including the hardwood with this router, is super easy. It has different speed levels to choose when either cutting soft or hardwood. The soft-start option ensures you get a precise cut from the beginning to the end. The ring is adjustable in height so you can achieve depth cuts of 1/64 inches or more. It is super light for easy carrying and holding when working. The dual LED lights provide excellent illumination even in dark areas or for people who may need extra lighting when working. This router has a dust controller that collects all the dust from the wood to keep the surface clean.

    1. Bosc 161 EVSPK Wood Router Tool

    Bosc 161 EVSPK Wood Router Tool

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    If you are looking for a versatile router that you can use for a wide range of woodwork, then I would recommend this model. It can be used for plunging, slot cutting, trimming, and many others. It has a powerful motor that facilitates its function so you can do all these tasks. It is easy to use a router, including for beginners, and the handle provides an ergonomic grip. It can be adjusted to make extensive deep cuts.


    If you need a convenient and accurate wood router, the above-reviewed devices are the best models to buy. They have different speed variations for smooth working on a variety of wood materials. Their ergonomic handle design ensures you are comfortable to work for long hours. For those involved in professional jobs, choose a router that has LED light for illumination when working in poorly lit areas.


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