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Top 10 Best Cash Box with Money Tray and Lock (of 2022) – Review & Buyer’s Guide

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    Looking for secure cash boxes to keep your hard-earned cash and valuables? We offer the best cash box with cash tray and lock. Our versatile cash boxes are ideal for home, small businesses, garage sales, fundraising events, office, and school daily usage to safely and securely hold petty cash and other valuables.

    They are durable and constructed with high-quality material. In-built locks with keys or password combinations provide enhanced security and privacy for your valuables. Locking your cash box is the most important and simplest way to secure your money. They provide partitioned and cantilevered compartments for sorting and organizing your cash. They are spacious and meet your daily needs conveniently. This article will provide you with the best guide and variety when selecting the best cash box with both cash tray and lock.

    List of the Best Cash Box with Money Tray and Lock of 2022:

    10. Sparco Money Tray

    Sparco Money Tray

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    This money tray has a locking cover to safeguard your cash. It has 5 compartments to organize notes and checks and 5 compartments for coins. Do you have a Sparco’s Cash Drawer with a removable tray? Here is a cash box designed for you. Made of plastic with a steel locking cover for security. Lock and key ensure private and safe custody of your money and valuables. It is compact and lightweight. Suitable for your desk at home, office or business.

    9. LIANTRAL Cash Box

    LIANTRAL Cash Box

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    Are you an event planner? Here is the perfect cash box for your fundraisers, foundations, and donations. Made of durable and solid steel and a built-in key lock for enhanced security. It is hard to break and can sustain falls and drops without cracking. For your money organization, it has spring hinged trays for bills and 5 internal bracket held compartments for holding and sorting coins. The spring hinged trays and bracket held compartments hold your money in place and stable during traveling.

    8. Kolibri Cash Box

    Kolibri Cash Box

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    It is an Alpine white color cash box that is very attractive and eye-catching in any selling environment. Suitable for your garage sales, snack bars, petty cash, fundraisers, festivals, street fairs, church, and small business. Being organized is catered for, no mixing of currencies. It has 4 spring loaded cantilevered dividers for your bills/ checks and 5 trays for your coins for a neat arrangement of the denominations. Includes a rear and discrete storage for checks and large bills. The body is made of steel metal and a built-in security lock accompanied by two keys. Compact size design and folding handle make it portable for transportation wherever you want.

    7. Certus Global Large Cash Box

    Certus Global Large Cash Box

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    Keep your money safe and secure with Certus Global Large cash box. Lockable and with 2 keys for multiple users or replacement. The lock and keys are unique thus hard to duplicate. It has four bill slots and cantilever coin tray for sorting your money. Your cash is held in place with heavy metal clips for bills and coin tray cover for coins. This makes suitable for traveling and holds your money intact during windy times. Provides you with extra space for rolled bills, checks and receipts. It is light and has a metal carrying handle for portability purposes. Classic with crisp white painting.

    6. INFUN Cash Box

    INFUN Cash Box

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    This cash box is solidly constructed with durable steel that is hard to break and won’t burst open when dropped. It has a built-in lock accompanied with 2 keys. The lock and key are sturdy and easy to use. For added security, there is a security slot at the back of the box for inserting a security fix lock cable. You can organize your bills in the four hinged trays and sort coins in the five compartment cantilever tray. Also, there is added space underneath the bill’s tray for additional bills, receipts, and checks. Portability is enhanced with a widened durable handle.

    5. Royal Sovereign Cash Box (RSCB-300)

    Royal Sovereign Cash Box (RSCB-300)

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    Looking for large capacity cash box? Here it is for you to order. It has a removable money tray with 9 coin and 4 spring hinged bill compartments offering maximum capacity. Ultimate security is ensured with a security lock accompanied by 2 keys for multiple users or in case of misplacement. Constructed with durable solid steel for safe valuables and money keeping. It is portable with a compact design and carrying handle for easy transportation. Even when locked, you can conveniently insert money and valuable documents through a safe deposit slot.

    4. Jssmst Locking Large Metal Cash Box

    Jssmst Locking Large Metal Cash Box

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    Tired of key locks? No more changing cash box locks and cash box every year! Here is a combination lock cash box for you. It has upgraded durable metal dials and knob with the ability and ease at changing the password time after time. Constructed using high-grade, durable metal material for safety and reliability. It provides you with 4 sturdy spring-hinged partitions and 5 cantilever coin trays with cover to organize your money and other valuables. The hinges and coin cover tray helps hold your money in the position. Large enough to store your paper money, coins, watches, keys, and valuable jewelry conveniently safe.

    3. Master Lock 7113D Cash Box

    Master Lock 7113D Cash Box

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    This cash box is constructed from durable steel capable of withstanding your daily use. It has 7 removable compartments for organizing your cash and other valuables. There is additional space underneath the removable tray hiding personal items hence extra privacy and security. The box comes with a built-in security lock with two keys for multiple users or for replacement. There is a carrying handle for convenience during handling and transport. Perfect for small businesses, fundraising, garage sales, school cafeterias and for safe storage of petty cash.

    2. STEELMASTER Tiered (Cantilever) Cash Box

    STEELMASTER Tiered (Cantilever) Cash Box

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    STEELMASTER Tiered Cash Box is conveniently designed for your retail store, home, small business, events, and school use to secure your petty cash. The box is constructed with high-quality steel metal and coated with a chip and scratch resistant finish to withstand daily wear and tear. The tiered design is convenient for organizing your bills plus a 5 compartment cantilever coin tray. The coin tray automatically opens when you open the lid. For security purposes, it is lockable with an in-built lock that comes with two keys. Also, you are provided with a security cable lock that you can attach by use of a security slot on the box.

    1. SentrySafe CB-12 Cash Box

    SentrySafe CB-12 Cash Box

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    This cash box provides you with the convenience and safety when storing and transportation of your money. Made of durable and reliable solid steel to offer the utmost security. Privacy is enhanced with a privacy key lock. Don’t worry about losing your key, it comes with a spare key for convenience. Transportation is with ease as it has a carrying handle for you to grab and go. Being organized is also catered for. It has a removable money tray that enables you to organize coins, bills, and receipts.


    Keep your hard-earned valuables and cash safe, secure, and organized with these cash boxes. Security of your money starts with you. Buy one of these boxes to always keep your money under lock and key. Order your cash box now and be at peace.


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